Dowsing with the 64 Transitions Collection

Are any of your Brain & Body Regions Reactive?

Digestive Issues?? Respiratory? Urinary? Vertebrae?
Meridians? Chakras? Extraordinary Meridians?
Eyes? Ears? Sinuses? Larynx & Vocal Cords?
Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity?

Use my Charts (linked above) to check out your Organs & Tissues then use the Music Apothecary to help resolve your issues as was used at the 2018 American Society of Dowsers 58th Dowsing Convention and Metaphysical Expo

Listen With Intention Daily (earphones work best) @ the free

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The concepts outlined in the Yi Jing, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kotodama pages on my main website are all contained in the 64 Transitions Music Collection. These concepts correlated to Music Theory & Composition have been utilized in order to effect healing for a multitude of clients over the years.

This latest effort became a necessity as to provide online assistance to my clients during times of "shelter at home" due to Covid 19. It is a wonderful "at home" tool to use between appointments with your health care provider or simply as a stand alone meditational music modality.

Short Samples: Here

* Warning: This is not a substitute for medical treatment.
We do not prescribe, diagnose or make allopathic medical claims.
Do not use while driving a car or operating machinery.

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