Yi Jing Music Composition 1


Tonification & Sedation of the 12 Ordinary Meridians





Mike has been studying the correspondence of Eastern Medicine & Philosophy to Western Music Theory & Composition for over 30 years. There are many healing secrets that need to be revealed including - How to Tonify & Sedate the 12 Ordinary Meridians with music as well as the role of the Yi Jing with its 64 therapeutic archetypes.




With either real or computer synthesizer instrumentation
the ability to write
music in two voices: Melody & Bass, for one or two instruments.
Bass line can be in treble clef. Free Style examples are
provided in context within the course.


1) Note against Note

2) Note against 2 Notes

3) Note against 3 or more notes

4) Tied Notes

5) Parallel Motion

6) Similar Motion

7) Contrary Motion

8) Oblique Motion


Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc (Free) installed on your Computer


Score assignments accepted in MIDI or
hand written formats (scanned or snail mail)


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Yi Jing Music Composition 2


Part A:  DNA Double Helix & ncDNA

Part B: Transient DNA-RNA Double Helix & ncRNA



Note from Mike:

"Basically, the Music Composition aspect could properly be called 21st Century Counterpoint where many of the rules of 16th Century Counterpoint are broken."

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